ICS 16.2.1

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) 16.2.1 is out and along with that there are few adapter released where I feel proud to tell that I was Solution Architect starting from designing to releasing.

  1. ServiceNow Adapter – this adapter released with outbound (to ServiceNow) support using SOAP API. This adapter abstract all complexities like –
    1. Dealing with multiple WSDLs
    2. Knowing the Applications / Modules name before hand
    3. Storing the credentials securely and passing the same with each request over an HTTP header
    4. Security (both credentials as well as messages)
    5. Error handling
    6. Request / Response trasformation
  2. SuccessFactors Adapter – This adapter also released with outbound (into SuccessFactors) support. This adapter provides following benefits vs directly leveraging web services from SuccessFactors –
    1. Need not to deal with complexity to pass the credentials over an HTTP cookies
    2. SuccessFactors WSDL is loosely types (meaning it does not contain objects level metadata) but adapter brings all objects and operations
    3. Support for query operation (SFQL)
    4. Backward compatible with new versions of SuccessFactors / API

Feel free to write it to me in case you have any question related to these adapters configuration or integration.


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