How to Extract Workday Custom Objects Using REST Adapter

Create REST Adapter Connection:

1. Select Connection Type: REST API Base URL

2. Connection URL:<tenant>

3. Select Security Policy as: OAuth Custom Two Legged Flow and provide below details:

  • Access Token Request:

-X POST -H “Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded” -d “grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=<refresh_token>&client_id=<client_id>&client_secret=<client_secret>”<tenant>/token

Create Integration:

  • Select Scheduled Orchestration Integration Pattern in OIC.
  • Drag and drop Configured Rest Adapter Connection,

Steps to configure:

  1. Provide URI to Get the Custom Objects:  


  • Select GET action.
  • Select Add and review parameters for this endpoint from available options.
  • Select Configure this endpoint to receive the response from available options.
  • On Response Page, Select JSON response payload format and JSON media type and enter sample JSON.
  • Provide WorkerID in the mapping.
  • Drag and drop FTP adapter to write data to a file.

 Steps to configure:

  1. On the Basic Info page, provide a name.
  2. On the Operations page, select Write File from the Select Operation list. Select ASCII from the Select a Transfer Mode list.
  3. Specify the output directory, file name pattern.
  4. On the Scheme page, select No for Do you want to specify the structure for the contents of the file?
  5. Review your selections on the Summary page.
  6. In the mapper, do required mapping.
  7. Specify the tracking variable.
  8. Click Tracking.
  9. Drag the required variable to use for the tracking reference (for this example, startTime is selected).
  10. Activate the Integration.

After successful activation, you can submit the integration and monitor the runtime in Oracle Integration.

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