Automate Employees on-boarding Business Process Between Workday and NetSuite

Today, it is word of cloud whether it is HCM application or ERP application. Customer wants best in class products. Many times best products from different domains comes from different vendors and it becomes important to think about integration between these desperate systems.

If customer has from 2 to 5 desperate systems including cloud and on premise, point integration may work but as customer landscape grows with more number of desperate systems, it is best to look for common platform to integrate these systems rather than relying on point to point integration and end up creating spaghetti structure/ architecture.

In this blog, we gonna focus on how to connect 2 important cloud applications using Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) platform. And I am gonna take Employees on-boarding business process to explain the steps. Integrating Workday with NetSuite ERP to enable the employees on boarding business processes and data management by leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud. This Integration covers, the user provisioning business use case, where a new employee is on-boarded in Workday HR system. The same employe and conntact information gets synced to NetSuite ERP.

As to start working on OIC, first step is to create connections. For above scenario, I will be creating 2 connections.

  1. Connection to connect to Workday using Workday adapter available on OIC (how to create workday connection on OIC)
  2. Connection to connect to NetSuite using NetSuite adapter available on OIC (how to create NetSuite connection on OIC)

Once you have created connection, now you are ready to move to create integration. Create new integration using schedule orchestration pattern. and follow below steps to complete the integration flow.

  1. Drag and drop Workday adapter after schedule and mapping. Provide the name of the Workday endpoint. Click Next.
  2. Select Query Informationon the Action page and click Next.
  3. Select Human Capital Management as a Workday product and human resources as module from selection box. click next.
  4. Select Get Workers operation from operation section box. The selected Information displays on the Summary page when you move to next. click on Done button.
  5. open the mapper between Workday and Scheduler and map following 2 fields.
    1. Udated_Through/Effective_Through:Thisis the current datetime
    2. Updated_From/Effective_From: provide as per the requirement. for example it can be 1 day before to fetch the records of last 24 hours.
  6. Drag and drop forEach activity from Actions. Select Worker as repeating element. 
  7. Inside forEach activity, drag and drop NetSuite adapter, give an endpoint name and click Next. Select Add as basic operation type, and Employee as business object.
  8. The selected information displays on the Summary page when move to next page.
  9. Now complete the mapping as per your mapping requirement.
  10. Integration now would something like below

This completes the integration flow. Now define the tracking and activate the flow.

Just to test is immediately, you can click on 3 horizontal line and click on SubmitNow.

This show how easy and quick is to complete the flow and integration between Workday and NetSuite. Happy Integration 🙂


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