Oracle Cloud Adapter for Ariba on OIC – Limitation

  • Oracle Cloud adapter for Ariba does not support attachment coming in PO headers or Line Items. This is recommended that if attachments are enable, customer needs to disable them to make it work in OIC. Below are the instructions to disable attachments in the PO.6d7c4b82bb8d878831a222f7c1c4836f.jpegPlease note that if PO attachments are enabled, you may see below exception.

Error parsing envelope: most likely due to an invalid SOAP message.: Undeclared namespace prefix “soapenv” at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,14] :Application Error

  • There are export / import operations via ITK supported by Ariba adapter cannot configured in more than 1 in one orchestration due to current limitation of Ariba adapter.

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