ICS 16.4.5 -Enriched Cloud Integration Platform


ICS 16.4.5 was released around a month back. This ICS release lots of features and most stable release so far. With release ICS has proven to competitive enough in integration space. Since I mostly focus on adapters in my blogs, I would like to list down the adapters added and enriched with features.

  1. Concur Adapter (new)- Adapter was released with outbound functionality where one can insert / update / delete / retrieve the data into and from Concur. Adapter support REST API. Adapter in this release does not support extract API that allows customers to create a job and extract content from Concur based on the job. This will be available in future releases.
  2. Ariba Adapter (new) – This adapter allows user to insert / update / delete / retrieve the Ariba objects via SOAP API. File based integration will in future version of Ariba adapter.
  3. ServiceNow Adapter – This adapter now support Inbound functionality as well where user should be able to retrieve data from ServiceNow based on events triggered. Best part of this adapter is that event configuration and activation all are automated from adapter itself. User need not to configure the same into ServiceNow. User just need to provide the credentials of ICS so as serviceNow can start posting messages to ICS as and when events get triggered from ServiceNow.
  4. File based integration – This version of ICS started supporting File based integration in orchestration patterns those by leveraging sFTP adapter and file staging adapter.
  5. Orchestration capabilities- Orchestration capabilities got improved quite a bit in this release. Most of the cloud to cloud requirement can be met by leveraging this pattern.

On – premise integration is little tough and challenging but I am hopeful that same will be addressed in future versions of ICS.

Feel free to write to me if you want to understand any specific topic of ICS. I would try to include the same in my future post.

One thought on “ICS 16.4.5 -Enriched Cloud Integration Platform

  1. Hi Shalindra,

    I have a requirement wherein I need to integration concur application with oracle fusion using Oracle OIC and need some guidance from your side on this. The requirement is to fetch expense reports from concur using concur adapter and create a payables invoices out of it in oracle fusion.

    Can you please let me know the strategy which I should follow for doing the same.

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