How to Create New Salesforce Connection on ICS

This seems straight forward yet I am putting together steps in case needed.

Below are steps which needs to be done  –

  1. Before you start with ICS, you suppose to have ‘Enterprise WSDL’ downloaded from (To know on how to download Enterprise WSDL from Salesforce, click here )
  2. Once you have downloaded Enterprise WSDL, now login into ICS instance.
  3. Click on create connection icon on the home page.
  4. One should be able to see pop showing available adapters
  5. Select Salesforce adapter from the list (you should be able to search from the list)
  6. Provide the connection Name and click create button
  7. Click on ‘Configure Connectivity’ button. (you can provide email address as well but that is not mandatory)
  8. One pop up will open and you should be able to see one check box under ‘Upload File’ Label.
  9. Click on the checkbox. it will enable ‘Upload’ button next to check box.
  10. Click on the upload ‘button and select browse button to upload ‘Enterprise WSDL’ downloaded in step:1 from your local computer.
  11. Click on ‘Upload’ button and Click ‘Ok’.
  12. Now click on ‘Configure Credentials’ button.
  13. provide username and password (confirm password 🙂 as well). (please make sure password is combination of password and security token).
  14. Click ‘ok’ button.
  15. Now click on ‘Test’ button on top right on the connection page. This functionality will let you know if provided WSDL and credentials are correct and test was successful or not.
  16. If the test was successful then save the connection (by clicking on ‘Save’ button) and you all set to use this connection.
  17. If the connection was not successful, read out the error message and rectify the problem and test again.

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