Employee / User Synchronization from Workday to Salesforce.com using OIC / AOIC

The use case that is being discussed here is where new Salesperson joins a company and on-boarding happens via Workday HCM application. The same salesperson would also need to work on new leads and opportunities in Salesforce.com (assuming company uses Salesforce.com CRM). Employee information should synchronize from Workday to Salesforce.com including contact information and user […]

Instructions to Acquire Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in Concur for Creating Connection in ICS

Instructions to Acquire Consumer Key and Consumer Secret 1) Concur Administrator logs in the concur application. 2) Go to the Administration drop down on the top right. 3) Follow Administration -> Company -> Web Services. 4) Select ‘Register Partner Application’ from the option on the left. 5) Click on New button to register new partner […]

Oracle Cloud Adapter for Workday – Create a Connection and Test SuccessFully

Introduction Oracle Integration Cloud included much awaited Oracle Cloud Adapter for Workday. As customer starts using this adapter, they would need information on following things¬†to start with. To start with a connection, one needs to know Workday Hostname, Tenant Name and Workday Drive (W:D)¬†Hostname. Let’s start to see one by one. How to get Workday […]